Public Relations Advertising and Applied Communications, BS

Communication, Architecture, + The Arts

Campus:Biscayne Bay Campus, Modesto Maidique Campus, Fully Online

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Program Description

The PRAAC degree allows students to create more of their own degree program, allowing them to take courses in both Public Relations and Advertising as well as other types of communication (public speaking, communication studies, and digital media). It is different from the previous tracks in Advertising and Public Relations in that it focuses more clearly and specifically on the skills and topics related to Public Relations, Advertising, and related communication fields. Students are given more freedom to build their own skillset while still ensuring that the core skills and knowledge are still a part of the program.

This degree explores a number of disciplines needed for developing and delivering effective content. Through analyzing communication campaigns in corporate and public media, students can develop and promote creative strategies and creative execution and employ effective and clear communication in this diverse and customizable program.

As a student, you will learn to develop critical thinking and strategic communication in both a local and global landscape. After graduation, you can find exciting opportunities in career fields such as content creation, communications specialists, public relations specialists, and much more.

Admission Requirements

1. Students entering FIU as Freshmen or as a Transfer student with less than 60 transfer credits

Admissions criteria are the same as the general FIU criteria for students entering with fewer than 60 approved credits. Click here for the details.

2. Transfer students entering FIU with 60 or more transfer credits

Admissions criteria are the same as the general FIU criteria for students entering with 60 or more approved credits. Click here for the details.

Admission Requirements for PRAAC:

PRAAC is a limited access major. A limited access major is a major that requires formal acceptance before you can be fully admitted in the academic program. This means that while you have been admitted to FIU, you are yet to be admitted into PRAAC.

In order to be admitted students need to meet specific prerequisites to move into advanced status and advanced courses. This means that you will be subject to an evaluation after your first semester at FIU.

✤ This evaluation must be requested by student and advisor will perform based on rules. It does not happen automatically!

Our major requires students to be evaluated for transition into fully admitted status after their first and second semester at FIU. This process entails a calculation of GPA from previous programs and current programs to generate a cumulative GPA.

Student must obtain a 2.85 GPA cumulative between all institutions attended and FIU. This is the cumulative GPA.

Student must request all foreign/prior transcripts before scheduling an appointment to complete their program admission evaluation.

Student must have completion of PUR 1951 course.

Career Opportunities

Related Occupations:

Most of these occupations require bachelor’s degree. However, we do encourage students to pursue a graduate program.

As per the Department of Labor and Statistics, below are the wages & employment trends for Public Relations, Advertising and Communication:

Florida Median income $47,750
Florida rate of growth +.6%
National Median wages $70,190
National Projected growth +1%

Source and more information:

US Bureau of Labor Statistics:


Contact Information

Aileen Izquierdo
Interim Department Chair
Phone: 305-348-1984

D. Gabriella Portella
Program Manager
Phone: 305-348-7645

Nancy Bonny
PRAAC Advisor Lead
Phone: 305-919-5625

Department of Communication

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Miami, FL 33199

Biscayne Bay Campus
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