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Program Description

The SJMC Advertising program is designed to provide students with the fundamental elements of strategic communications, in addition to preparing them for a career in two specific advertising tracks: Account Management and Creative Advertising. Our Advertising discipline has evolved with the changes in media, and students receive extensive training in the strategic use of digital communications and social media. SJMC Advertising graduates have won a number of international awards and landed positions at major multinationals and top global agencies, as well as local ad agencies based in South Florida.

Admission Requirements

1. Students entering FIU as Freshmen or as a Transfer Student with less than 30 credits

You are considered a freshman when you have earned less the 13 college credits since your high school graduation. Credits earned in Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs do not affect your freshman status.

Admissions criteria are the same as the general FIU criteria for students entering with fewer than 60 approved credits. Click here for the details.

2. Student transferring to FIU with 30-59 earned and approved credits

Advertising, Broadcasting, Journalism and Public Relations are Limited Admissions Majors. In addition to the general FIU Requirements, your application will be screened by the Department. As the review process is underway, you will be housed temporarily in Undergraduate Education, pending their decision. Their decision will focus on your progression toward the criteria listed below based on the number of credits you are transferring into FIU.

3. Students transferring to FIU with 60 or more earned, approved credits

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication reviews all applications to determine acceptance decisions. In addition to the general FIU Transfer Admissions criteria for students with 60 credits or more, the following criteria must be met:

· completion of MMC 3003 - Mass Communication Orientation course, and

· a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.85.

If you meet general FIU Admissions criteria for a Transfer Students with 60 credits or more, you will be admitted to FIU and will be housed and advised in Undergraduate Education, Exploratory Administration and Management Track, pending their decision.

Career Opportunities

Related Occupations:

Wages & Employment Trends for Advertising and Promotions Managers :

Florida Median income $98,150
Florida rate of growth +17%
National Median wages $96,720
National Projected growth +7%

Source and more information:

Contact Information

Student Services Office: 305-919-5625

Maria Elena Villar, Chair of Advertising and Public Relations
Allan Richards, Associate Dean

Florida International University
The School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Biscayne Bay Campus
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